Best way to boost Immunity!

During this pandemic Covid-19 we all came to know the importance of immunity for healthy living. Immunity not only fought with Covid 19 rather it fights everyday with viruses and various bacteria. So making it more strong must be our top priority. but How can we do that ?  Many supplements came into the market with many different claims amid Covid-19. but did they actually boosted the immunity ?

The clear answer is simply “NO”. Immunity simply means antibodies  (immunoglobulins) and antibodies are made of proteins. Only high protein diet helped us to some extent to fight covid-19. But only high protein diet is not sufficient  to boost up immunity. we can consume as much as we want but will body use that all? “No” body only uses the required amount. A person can not become bodybuilder by only eating protein 5g/kg  of body weight. He also need physical exercises to absorb and digest all the protein. likewise we can also boost up the immunity be increasing the need of the body by creating demand by physical activities.

so despite of buying various immunity booster products, focus on consuming complete protein followed by physical activities and see the miracles. we must be prepared as there are many more virulent viruses are present.

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