Personal Trainer Course in Dwarka Delhi - India

Diploma in Personal Training Course (DPT)

Diploma in Personal Training Course (DPT)

Diploma in personal training Course is considered first course to build career in the fitness industry .IC Fitness Club is the leading fitness institution which is providing diploma in personal training course in Dwarka, Delhi РIndia.  There are many institutes which are providing Certified Personal Trainer Course . There is a little difference between DPT (Diploma in personal Training Course ) and CPT (Certified Personal trainer Course). CPT is just a certification and Diploma in personal training is basically a diploma of 7 months. The duration of CPT is also comparatively less than Diploma in Personal training Course. Diploma in Personal Training Course is very important and necessary course as it provides all the theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge which is required in the fitness industry.

Diploma in Personal Trainer course includes Specially anatomy knowledge which is very necessary while performing exercises. They give a blueprint of the joints, muscles and posture. Performing exercise is quite easy but performing the exercise with appropriate posture and form would be a great challenge without Anatomical knowledge.

Diploma in personal training course contains all body part’s anatomy and practical sessions. Here students learn how muscle works, how joint moves, and how far a joint can move i.e. range of motion.

DPT course includes CPR and First Aid workshop which prepares the students to tackle any unexpected situation. such as heart attack, fractures, muscle strains, blackout, fainted and unconsciousness of the client. IC’s DPT course especially contains 24 practical sessions where students perform exercises with IC’s professional Master Trainer because we know one cannot learn in a single session.


  • You can personally train clients.
  • You will learn to prevent injuries while doing exercise with great form and posture.
  • You will be a certified first aider.
  • You can handle any unexpected mishappening in your surroundings.
  • you can guide or teach your client about the best exercise and which is not a good option for him/her.
  • you can enhance their standard of living by improving their body’s limitations


You can build your stellar career after being a certified Gym Personal Trainer. You can earn up to 50,000/- rs. Fitness Industry is the fastest growing industry after the pandemic. Covid has taught us about the importance of fitness and appropriate nutrition in our daily life. You can train people with your scientific knowledge grabbed with IC’s professionals and can become successful in your life. Now Training Clients on the gym floor can be your great career and can make you independent. Earn and enjoy Fitness Now.