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More Sweat does not mean More Fat Loss

Many trainers and people today believe that “More Sweat” gives “More Fat Loss”. However this is one of the biggest myth present across the country. Sweating is body’s own mechanism to regulate the temperature. Whereas fat is actually “stored energy” which was overconsumed. Calories is the energy unit which comes from the food and work as fuel. Simply two equations are sufficient to understand the concept:

  1. Calorie ingested > calorie burnt = Fat Accumulation
  2.  Calorie ingested< calorie burnt = Fat Loss

Moreover sweating reduces the performance and which may actually affect the Fat loss Journey.  In sweating body excretes out body fluid. Body is made of 70% water and after too much sweating body’s cells shrink, blood plasma volume drops which causes blackout and faintness. In addition neither body fat melts nor it comes out of the body through sweat. Excess Body Fat can only be used in “Need” which can be created with low calorie ingestion as equation 2 states.

So get Fan switched on, Wear light Clothes and Keep yourself hydrated during workout bouts and increase your performance.

High Performance will lead in more calorie expenditure and more energy expenditure will cause more fat loss.

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