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Personal Training Course | IC Fitness Club

Personal Training Course – IC Fitness Club

IC Fitness Club has been providing best personal training course in Delhi and building a stellar career in the fitness industry. IC Fitness is working for the betterment of the gym trainers in India.

This Personal Training Course provides in depth knowledge about body’s system, muscle anatomy and exercise science. It loads up the gym trainers with all the required knowledge to become a certified fitness professional.

This Course is basically a diploma course which makes it unique among other personal trainer courses.

Personal Training Course includes theoretical, demo sessions as well as practical lectures which makes fitness science to learn and to understand in most easiest and effective way.

IC Fitness Club also includes special lectures and workshop in this course such as First Aid and CPR, Anabolic Androgenic and HGH workshop and personality development to build a great career.


  • You can personally train clients.
  • You will learn to prevent injuries while doing exercise with great form and posture.
  • You will be a certified first aider.
  • You can handle any unexpected mishappening in your surroundings.
  • you can guide or teach your client about the best exercise and which is not a good option for him/her.
  • you can enhance their standard of living by improving their body’s limitations


You can build your stellar career after being a certified Gym Personal Trainer. You can earn up to Rs. 50,000/- . Fitness Industry is the fastest growing industry after the pandemic. Covid has taught us about the importance of fitness and appropriate nutrition in our daily life. You can train people with your scientific knowledge grabbed with IC’s professionals and can become successful in your life. Now Training Clients on the gym floor can be your great career and can make you independent. Earn and enjoy Fitness Now.

More About IC Fitness Club

IC Fitness Club is govt registered fitness institution. IC is associated with Skill India and NSDC programs. Moreover IC matches international quality management standards.

The total fees for personal trainer course is Rs. 50,000/- which can be paid in easy interest Free EMI options.

EMI Options

3 Months EMI - Personal Trainer Course

5 Months EMI

5 Months EMI - Personal Trainer Course in Delhi

6 Months EMI

6 Months EMI - Personal Trainer Course

Certifications Included

  1. Certified Personal Trainer Certificate
  2. First Aid and CPR Certificate from international organization.
  3. Skill India Certificate
  4. Internship Certificate
  5. Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and HGH workshop certificate.

For furthermore details you can contact IC Fitness Club on the link given below.

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