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Sports Nutrition Course

Sports Nutrition Course

Nowadays trainers and athletes are searching for the mediums to boost up the sports performance. They are using different and various methods to do so. Even during Covid 19 many firms brought different products with the claims top boost immunity, like wise many firms have introduced  various food supplements and products with the claim to sky rocket the performance. But the thing is, Do they actually work ? Should we invest on them ? Well there is no better option then supplying nutrients through our natural diet. We just need to focus what we are eating. Appropriate nutrition not only can boost up the performance but also can enhance our health. Food is not only associated with energy or fuel, it’s also associated with body functions. IC’s Sports Nutrition Course provides in depth knowledge about nutrients; their need; their RDA(recommended Dietary  Allowance), their function & their richest food sources. We can also control Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, CVD (cardiovascular Diseases), osteoporosis, anemia and so many chronic and life threatening diseases with just appropriate nutrition  and appropriate food choices.

After pursuing IC’s Sports Nutrition Course, you will have in depth knowledge of nutrients whether they are Macro or micro. You will be able to issue a healthy diet plans to the clients according to clients need. You will be eligible to issue Diet Plans to the special populations, kids, children as well as old age people.

Appropriate Nutrition is the Base of Healthy Life.

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