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About “IC Fitness Club”

IC Fitness Club – an institute of Fitness Science, was founded by Deepak Bhardwaj to provide the best comprehensive educational and knowledgeable fitness courses to gym trainers. Deepak Bhardwaj, The Principal, has taught students since 2016 and founded IC Fitness Club – An institute of Fitness Science.

We at IC Fitness Club provide up-to-date Vocational Courses in the Fitness Industry such as  DPT (Diploma in Personal Training Course), SNC (Sports Nutrition Course), and MT (Master Trainer Course). The Syllabus of all the courses is 100% based on scientific Facts and Research and matches International Standards.
Moreover, IC Fitness Club directs everyone towards true fitness and following a healthy lifestyle.

We work on the “We Fit, Nation Fit” Ideology.

In Delhi, IC Fitness Club is a government-registered and approved fitness institute providing upto date comprehensive courses. IC Fitness Club is associated with Skill India and NSDC Programs. Our Quality of services is also assured by ISO(International Standards of Operation) and QRO (Quality Research Organisation) as well. In addition, IC Fitness Club is the only institute that provides free internship programs to IC Students in Delhi and all over the country.

IC Fitness Club is the leading Fitness School and fastest-growing academy of fitness Sciences In Delhi, IC has built a career of 2000+ students and has been counting in the fitness industry since 2021.

“We Just do not provide certification to the students rather we want to teach them in a true sense that’s why we chose “Fitness-Institute” despite “Fitness-Academies”, said “Deepak Bhardwaj” the Principal.  

Our Objectives:

  1. Education and Training: The primary objective is to provide comprehensive education and training programs to students interested in pursuing careers in fitness science. This includes offering courses on exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports nutrition, anatomy, kinesiology, and other relevant subjects.

  2. Professional Development: To facilitate the professional development of fitness professionals, such as personal trainers, strength coaches, exercise physiologists, and sports nutritionists. This involves equipping students with practical skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers in the fitness industry.

  3. Research and Innovation: Encouraging research in fitness science to contribute to the body of knowledge in areas such as exercise prescription, fitness assessments, injury prevention, and sports performance enhancement. The Academy may conduct studies and collaborate with other institutions to advance scientific understanding in these fields.

  4. Promotion of Health and Wellness: Advocating for and promoting health and wellness in the community through evidence-based practices taught within the academy. This can include outreach programs, seminars, and workshops aimed at educating the public on the importance of physical activity and healthy living.

  5. Industry Standards and Ethics: Setting and upholding high standards of professional ethics and conduct within the fitness industry.

  6. Continuing Education: Offering continuing education programs and certifications for fitness professionals to stay updated with the latest research, trends, and techniques in fitness science. This ensures that graduates remain competitive and knowledgeable throughout their careers.


Deepak Bhardwaj - IC Fitness Club

Deepak Bhardwaj – IC Fitness Club

About “Deepak Bhardwaj”

Before devoting his work full time to IC Fitness Club, Deepak Bhardwaj served at different gyms. He worked as a personal trainer at highly reputed gyms like Energy Fitness, Team Core, Champion Gym, Asian Fitness, Dronacharya, etc. Furthermore, He has been teaching students since 2016 and founded IC Fitness Club in 2021.  He has overall 3 years of academic experience apart from that he also has another 3-year experience in professional bodybuilding. He owns the title of Mr. Delhi two times in 2018 & 2019 respectively. He is also a certified First Aider from Precious Life Medi help, a First Aid and CPR training organization that is a member of the British Safety Council.

He has also written a book on “Food Supplementation” to clear clients’ myths and misconceptions that are running in the fitness industry and which have misguided the clients to the next level.

Our Mission

We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and integrity in fitness education. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, evidence-based training programs that empower students to become knowledgeable practitioners, researchers, and advocates for health and fitness.

Our Vision

At the IC Fitness Club –  Academy of Fitness Science, our vision is to lead the way in advancing the science of fitness education and research. We envision a future where evidence-based practices and innovative approaches drive the evolution of fitness training and wellness.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our academy offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts and researchers. We provide in-depth knowledge of exercise science, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and practical training, ensuring our students are well-rounded professionals.

  2. Cutting-Edge Research: We are committed to advancing the science of fitness through ongoing research initiatives. Students have the opportunity to engage in research projects and contribute to the development of evidence-based practices in exercise physiology and sports performance.

  3. Expert Faculty: Our faculty comprises experienced professionals and scholars with diverse backgrounds in fitness, health sciences, and research. They bring real-world expertise and insights into the classroom, mentoring students to excel in their careers.

  4. Hands-On Experience: Students gain practical experience through internships, practicums, and laboratory sessions. We emphasize experiential learning to prepare graduates for success in diverse fitness settings.

  5. Industry Connections: We foster strong partnerships with leading fitness organizations, gyms, clinics, and research institutions. These connections provide students with networking opportunities, job placements, and access to cutting-edge resources in the fitness industry.

  6. Career Support: Our academy offers comprehensive career support services, including resume workshops, job placement assistance, and professional development seminars. We are dedicated to helping graduates launch successful careers in fitness and related fields.

  7. Flexible Learning Options: We understand the diverse needs of our students. That’s why we offer flexible learning options, including online courses, part-time schedules, and continuing education programs, making fitness education accessible to everyone.

  8. Commitment to Excellence: We uphold the highest standards of education and professionalism. Our academy is accredited and recognized for excellence in fitness education, ensuring that our graduates are well-respected and sought after in the industry.

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