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IC Fitness Club, an institute of Fitness Science, founded by Deepak Bhardwaj with the aim to provide best educational and knowledgeable fitness courses to the gym trainers. Deepak Bhardwaj, The Principal, has been teaching the students since 2016 and founded IC Fitness Club – Best Gym Trainer Course and Sports Nutrition Course in  Delhi in 2021.

IC Fitness Club provides various gym trainer courses like DPT (Diploma in Personal Training Course), SNC (Sports Nutrition Course), MT (Master Trainer Course) etc. and teaches 100% science based fitness facts and bursts out all the myths regarding exercise and nutrition. Also, IC Fitness Club directs everyone towards true fitness and to follow a better lifestyle.

IC Fitness Club’s ideology is “We Fit, Nation Fit”.

In Delhi, IC Fitness Club is government registered and approved fitness institute and School of fitness sciences. Moreover, IC Fitness Club is associated with Skill India and NSDC Programs which are run by the Indian Govt. IC’s Quality is assured by ISO and QRO. In addition, IC Fitness Club is the only institute which provides free internship programs to IC’s Students in Delhi.

IC Fitness Club is the leading Fitness School and fastest growing academy of fitness Sciences In Delhi.

“We Just do not provide certification to the students rather we want to teach them in true sense that’s why we chose “Fitness-Institute” despite of “Fitness-Academies“, said “Deepak Bhardwaj” the, Principal.  

Our Objectives:

  • To educate about the importance of Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness.
  • To educate the trainees about the latest researches and guiding them in a positive way.
  • To provide 100% authentic food supplements to all at best prices
  • To make everyone healthy, fit and to have physical strength.
  • To aware the clients about the disadvantages of sedentary lifestyle which almost everyone is following in urban areas
  • To educate the client about the obesity; its effects on health; how it can leads to chronic diseases and how it can be life threatening.

Deepak Bhardwaj (MD)

Deepak Bhardwaj             (Principal)

About Deepak Bhardwaj

Before devoting his work full time to IC Fitness Club, Deepak Bhardwaj served at different gyms. He worked as a personal trainer at highly reputed gyms like Energy Fitness, Team Core, Champion Gym, Asian Fitness, Dronacharya etc. Furthermore He has been teaching students since 2016 and founded IC Fitness Club in 2021.  He has overall 3 years of academic experience apart from that he also has another 3 year experience in professional bodybuilding. He owns the title of Mr. Delhi two times in 2018 & 2019 respectively. He is also a certified First Aider from Precious Life Medi help, a First Aid and CPR training organization which is a member of British Safety Council.

He has also written a book on “Food Supplementation” to clear client’s myths and misconceptions that are running in fitness industry and which have misguided the clients to the next level.



IC Fitness Club wants to burst all the myths and misconceptions present in the fitness Industry with the scientific facts and researches.

We are promoting Fitness As a career in the Fitness Industry and trying to build a fit Nation. We are educating all the gym trainers in the best and efficient way.

The purpose here entirely is to create a safe and educated environment for our generations to come.


Our vision is to spread awareness regarding fitness in the society. As we all know India is leading in Diabetes, Obesity and Cardio Vascular Diseases, however we can reverse this through appropriate nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We are equipping gym trainers with the appropriate knowledge and skills according to latest scientific researches. We know if trainer has the knowledge and skills then only he/she can serve clients in the best way.

We want to see each Citizen Fit and Each trainer educated.



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