Muscle Science Iso Active Isotonic Sports Drink




Heavy workouts make us lose essential electrolytes which can cause mineral imbalance in the body thus resulting fatigue. The electrolytes ensure that the amount of fluid inside and outside the cells is balanced. Common electrolytes include potassium, chloride, sodium, and phosphorous. MUSCLE SCIENCE ISO ACTIVE AN ISOTONIC SPORTS ENERGY DRINK PROVIDES Instant Energy Formula is developed to fulfil the needs of electrolytes post or during workouts. With added dextrose, a sugar identical to blood sugar, it provides instant energy when consumed with water. The loss of water and electrolytes may trigger the formation of Lactic Acid in the muscles and cause cramps.The consumption of Muscle Science isoactive Instant Energy Formula provides instant electrolytes to the body and help reduce post workout muscle soreness. For best results, add two heaping tablespoons of supplement to 500ml of cold water and shake to blend it fully and then consume.


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