Free Workout Schedule for Intermediate and Advance Clients

Free Workout Schedule for “Intermediate” and “Advance” Level Clients | IC Fitness Club

Free Workout Schedule for “Intermediate” and “Advanced” Level Clients | IC Fitness Club

Nowadays, everyone is looking to train themselves most efficiently. From selecting the best exercise to maximize the gains, it has become the most wanted aim and goal for everyone. And to achieve this goal, everyone is looking for a best workout plan.

So here we are recommending the Best Workout Plan that can be used by an intermediate client as well as advanced level Client.

This Free Workout Plan is Scientifically Based on the latest facts and research. It will help you to maximize your muscle gains when accompanied by a proper Meal Plan.

Workout Schedule- Intermediate to Advanced Level

Monday- Pull Workout

Exercise sets Reps
Lat Pull Down 4 15
Seated Rowing 4 15
One Arm Dumbbell Rowing 3 12
Close Grip 3 15
Dumbbell Curl Isolateral 5 15
Preacher curl 3 15
Hammer curl 3 15
Standing Reverse curl 2 15
Reverse pec dec fly 3 15

Tuesday- Push Movements

Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Bench Barbell press 4 15
Decline Bench Dumbbell Press 4 15
Incline Bench Dumbbell press 5 15
Overhead barbell press 4 15
Overhead dumbbell press 3 15
tricep extension 4 15

Wednesday- Legs

Exercise Sets Reps
Back squat 5 15
Front squat 4 15
hack squat 2 15
Leg Press 3 15
Leg Curl 5 15
Standing Calf Raise 4 15
Seated Calf Raise 3 15

Thursday – Rest

Exercise Sets Reps

Friday- Deadlift

Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlift 8 Failure

Saturday- Cardio & core

Exercise Sets Reps
Crunches 8 15
Side Bending 4 15
Trunk Rotation 4 15
cardio 45 minutes minimum



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