Glucon D - Exposed

Glucon D Exposed – IC Fitness Club

Glucon D Exposed – IC Fitness Club

Glucon-D is a brand of glucose powder that is commonly used in India and other countries as an energy drink. It contains glucose, which is a type of sugar that is easily absorbed by the body and can provide quick energy. It is also used to treat conditions like low blood sugar i.e hypoglycemia.

However, it is important to note that excessive consumption of Glucon-D or any other sugary drink can lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.


Electrolytes in Glucon D

If we look at the nutritional label of Glucon D, Glucon D contains 92 grams of sugar in a 100g serving and does not Contain electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and chloride). When a person workout in the summer or humid weather, the body temp goes higher and to counter the high body temp. that our body sweats out.

During Sweating, our body also leaks out Electrolytes which imbalance the fluid balance in the body and it that may cause severe dehydration.

The loss of electrolytes from the body actually decreases the performance of an individual and the person may feel too much tired due to heavy sweating before giving his 100% in the workout.

Thus, providing an energy drink with electrolytes and sugar can be a better option.

Glucon D and Health Issues

Glucon D is the richest source of Carbohydrates (sugar) only. Our body can keep 3g-7g  of glucose in the blood however too much excess sugar in the blood can actually reduce the viscosity of the blood and blood may become thick.To maintain the equilibrium of the blood our body initiates lipogenesis (fat-storing process) which can ultimately lead to Diabetes, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Diseases.


Glucon – D is not a rehydration drink as it does not contain the electrolytes in it and may not help in dehydration.

To rehydrate ourselves, we need to drink water along with electrolytes and sugar to maintain the homeostasis of the body.

Electrol or Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) can be a better Option.

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