Personal Trainer Course in Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh

Personal Trainer Course in Lucknow

Personal Trainer Course in Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh

IC Fitness Club has launched best personal trainer course in Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh. The personal trainer course is the starting point to build a career in the fitness industry.

Personal Trainer Course makes the trainers eligible to work as a certified personal trainer in Lucknow or across the globe.

Its a Diploma Course of 7 months, which includes theoretical lectures, demo sessions and practical session.

Diploma in Personal Trainer Course equips the personal trainer with in depth knowledge about muscle anatomy and movements.

This Diploma in Personal Trainer Course from IC Fitness Club is the cutting edge among the other fitness institutions.

IC Fitness Club is govt approved and internationally recognized fitness academy in India. IC Fitness Club has built career of more than 200 trainers in India. Moreover its the fastest growing fitness institution.

Trainer from across the country are joining IC Fitness Club for it’s best quality and best teaching module with best mentors in the fitness industry.

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