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Iron in Spinach

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Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is native to central and southwestern Asia. Spinach is known for its high nutritional content, particularly its iron and calcium content.

Spinach is considered the richest source of Iron, due to a decimal error theory that was published in the 1870s.

In the 1870s, researchers misplaced the decimal and gave rise to the false reputation of spinach due to the wrong method or poor experimentation.

Later, a cartoon came into sight i.e popeye which also exaggerated the wrong spinach facts. In that cartoon, Popeye used to eat a lot of spinach which used to make him powerful.

Later, In the 1930s German Scientists, reinvestigated the iron content in the spinach and stated that the old researchers put the decimal in the wrong place which gave rise to the false reputation of the spinach.

So, first of all, spinach has a false reputation for its high content of Iron, however, it contains nonheme iron which our body can not digest even properly.

Moreover, Spinach is also rich in oxalates, also known as “oxalic acid” which are the naturally occurring compounds that are the primary cause of Kidney Stones.

Conclusion – Spinach is not high in iron and carries a false reputation for the same, on the other hand, it has nonheme iron which is not the appropriate form of iron for the human body. Additionally, Spinach is also high in oxalates which is the primary cause of kidney stones.