Tofu vs Paneer

Tofu vs Paneer

Tofu vs Paneer – IC Fitness Club

Tofu and paneer are both popular protein-rich foods, but they are made from different ingredients and have distinct flavor, texture, and nutritional profiles. Tofu is made from soy milk, while paneer is made from milk. Tofu has a mild, slightly nutty flavor and a soft, custard-like texture that can range from silky and smooth to firm and chewy, depending on the type and preparation.

Soybeans are considered the best source of protein for vegetarians, however, they lack Methionine essential amino acid.

Due to lacking Methionine, soybeans do not contain a complete amino acid profile.

Our body uses amino acids to build more than thousands of amino acid chains which are required by various tissues and systems of the body.

Moreover, when it comes to protein, we also talk about Body’s absorption rate.

To determine the quality of the protein, we use the biological value to determine the absorption rate of the protein.


Soybeans have a biological value below 70, and below 70 biological value is not considered a good source of Protein.

Whereas when it comes to paneer, Paneer is derived from milk. Milk has a biological value of 91 which can be stated as a good absorption rate.

Paneer also has a complete amino acid profile which makes it a superior choice for everyone.