Fat can not be turned into muscle tissue !

Fat Cannot turn into Muscle

The biggest question that we hear in the fitness industry is, “Can fat convert into Muscle?  Well, to understand this we need to understand the need and their use and their formation in the body. Fat is made up of Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen. Whereas Muscle tissue is made up of Protein and protein is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Our body stores excess calories (blood glucose) in the fat cell that we have ingested. However Muscles are responsible for the movement and they do not store extra calories. Muscles need especially Nitrogen  to recover which is a major constituent in protein build up. But the fact is our body cannot store extra nitrogen and removes the excess through the process called De-amination.

Muscle Tissue are the reservoir of protein whereas Fat tissue are the reservoir of triglycerides (extra blood glucose is converted into triglycerides to get stored in the fat cell).

Thus We can clearly state that muscle tissue is completely different in structure in comparison to fat tissue and fat tissue cannot convert into muscle tissue.

To grow your muscles, you need to give microtrauma to the muscle fibers which creates the state “to recover”, this “recovery state” promotes MPS (Muscle protein synthesis).


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